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Bi-Phasic T waves presenting as acute coronary syndrome

Posted Jan 13 2011 12:43pm

NSTEMI is a  common clinical problems in CCU.

When we say  NSTEMI it can mean any of the following

  • NSTEMI with ST depression
  • NSTEMI with T  wave Inversion
  • NSTEMI with Biphasic T wave
  • NSTEMI with normal ECG
  • The irony   called STEMI evolving as  NSTEMI**

By default most of  us think ,  if it is NSTEMI  . . . there  must be ST depression. This thinking is  not logical but traditional. Still,   ST depression may be the  common presentation. NSTEMI with ST depression  has much worse outcome than other forms.

The following ECG is from a 45 year old man with a vague mid sternal  chest pain for 48 hours.

The unusual type of NSTEMI with Bi-phasic T waves

His echo showed wall motion defect in LCX territory .A diagnosis of NSTEMI was made.The predominant finding was biphasic T waves .

**One may wonder  why can’t we call this ECG as a  Classical STEMI ?

There is a 2mm  ST elevation ,  with a infarct as well  ? But , the point  here  is there is no business for T waves to get bi-phasic or inverted in the early hours  of  a  classical STEMI .

This  exactly has happened here. Hence we can not call  the above event as  STEMI . Instead it  is ,  STEMI   evolving into NSTEMI . So  a combination of  features of STEMI/NSTEMI occur together. The best description for above  entity is  STEMI in transition to Non Q MI

Read the related article in my site  Is the terminology of Non Q MI still relevant or obsolete ?

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