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Beverly Hills Cardiologist – Your Heart Specialist

Posted Feb 20 2012 10:21am
Beverly Hills, an affluent city located in Los Angeles County, California, is home to numerous Hollywood celebrities that includes actors and actresses from television and silver screen, heirs and heiresses and other dignitaries. The city of Los Angeles completely surrounds Beverly Hills and the neighboring city of West Hollywood.
Cardiology Los Angeles is the branch of medical science that deals with diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. The patient is investigated for suspected heart disease by a careful and extensive analysis of the patient’s condition and performing a complete physical examination. The field of cardiology Los Angeles may include diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology.
ABeverly Hills cardiologistis a surgeon who specializes in finding out and treating heart diseases and diseases of the blood vessels. Sometimes, cardiac surgeons, cardiothoracic or cardiovascular are confused to be Beverly Hills cardiologist. Thought, they are the surgeons who may perform cardiac surgery with the help of strenotomy. 
Cardiology Los Angeles primarily focuses on the heart for its numerous anatomical and physiological features. The anatomical features include atria, ventricles, heart valves while the physiological features may include systole, heart sounds, afterload, etc. that may be a matter of concern. The heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body. The blood is pumped from the heart, through the lungs and back out to the body. As the heart is a muscle squeezing blood and functions like a pump, each part of it is susceptible to failure or dysfunction. So, a bulk study of the heart’s disorders and their restoration is done in cardiology Los Angeles.
Some Beverly Hills cardiologist specialize in focusing on the heart and blood vessels. They may work in clinics and diagnose the patient while others may be called on for carrying out surgery. These specialty surgeons are called cardiothoracic surgeons who are qualified to perform the surgery. Additional training may be required to qualify as a surgeon. A Beverly Hills cardiologist may install a pacemaker in the patient to prolong their life and reduce the risk of cardiac arrest. 
Interventional cardiology, a branch of cardiology Los Angeles may specifically deal with the catheter-based structural heart disease. The main advantage of this procedure is that it minimizes the scars and pain and the recovery period is very less. Moreover, it is considered to be gold standard care for an acute myocardial infarction.
According to Beverly Hills cardiologist, obesity is a major concern and one of the leading causes of heart diseases. The excess fat in the body tend to deposit on the heart’s arterial walls, and constricts the blood flow. This may cause heart disease.          
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