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Better than you Doctors

Posted by ladysara1964

Why do doctors act like you shouldn't even talk to them. Do they all act as if you are just a bug on the windshield of their lives? I am beginning to think that they should have left me dead the first time I died. They refuse or ignore questions, refuse to look you in the eye and write prescriptions for things that have nothing to do with why you went to them in the first place, WHY?
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I have a theroy:

I have also recently seen attitude problems with doctors. I believe the lack of respect and proper treatment is directly related to a patiens insurance coverage and medical conditions.

I base this theory on my personal experience as a 45-year old woman that was in good health untill 2009, which is the year I becam too sick to work and had to go on disability and enroll in government assisted health care programs.

Prior to my illness I was a working professional with excellent health insurance, and was treated well by any doctor I visited. However, that all changed when I started to have health issues and concerns that the doctors were unable to diagnose. When I complained of fatiguge, muscle aches, and other symptoms the doctor ran a few tests that showed no abnormalties, so they suggested that I needed therapy and anti-depressants.  I went for second and third opinions; each doctor gave me the same diagnosis (I assume they did so because they read the previous medical reports).

Finally, I did my own very extensive research on the symptoms and came up with various self diagnosises. My doctor dismissed my research and refused to do the blood tests I felt were appropriate.  I then ordered my own blood tests via a reputable online service, and sure enough, they came back positive for auto-immune disease and psoritic arthritis.  

When I showed the doctor my results, he reluctantly gave me the referal to various specialits...which by the way are no more helpful than the previous doctors.

Believe it or not, that is actually a very brief description of my experience with getting a diagnosis for a chronic illness. I was sick for almost 3-years, and saw a doctor at least once or twice each month, before I diagnosed myself, and I the doctors told me, over and over again, that I was just depressed, anxious, or some other non-sensical reason for feeling so awfull and so ill for so long.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to take responsibility for my own health care, research every symptom, complication, medication and possible diagnosis myself... essentially I must be my own doctor and advocate, and then tell the actual doctors how to treat me properly. 






Doctors are the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you whereas, doctors rob you and kill you too.

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