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Beach Body: BURN BODY FAT and be 'Forever Young'

Posted Jun 01 2010 10:46pm
Hudson and Jay-Z remake of 'Forever Young' anthem of the 80's

Beach Bodies

Personally... I like beach bodies.

Bikinis... body boarding... surf sun s*x [and...corona + shots] nothing beats Cali...

Glistening abs, tricps biceps, sun toned warm tanned oily skin. Shimmering pheromones.

Summers below the 37th latitude are heightened by muscles, movement and HORMESIS.

Metabolic Networks

What dominates our metabolism? An intricate network of evolutionary metabolic networks that is heavily conserved from the lowliest nematode to the most highly evolved cognitively-appealing, apex predators...

Including YOU.

Thanks LePine for inspiration and links.

'Exercise intensity and Burning Fat: Youve Gotta Move It To Lose It'

This worked for me and it will work for you if you are trying to lose body fat.

It has worked also for the same 5 lbs of body fat I've lost a dozen times in the last 2 yrs secondary to frustrating synthetic (levonorgestrel, a contraceptive endocrine disruptor) and subsequent hormone dysreguation.

Prior animal pharm: 50 # Wt Loss

Thomas Fahey EdD from Fitness Rx For Men is one of my favorite health and fitness gurus and writers. With 'Rx' in the title can one go wrong? ...speaking from a legal drug dealer point of view?

A recent article from Nov 2009 issue featuring both Dara Torres 'Woman Athlete of the Year' and SUPERBOY Oly decathlete (hybrid Asian and African American) Bryan Clay has the article entitled 'EXERCISE INTENSITY AND BURNING FAT: YOU'VE GOTTA MOVE IT TO LOSE IT'.

Love the title. Love the contents. Prof Fahey is an alright guy.

Key: 45 to 90 min 4X per Week Chronic Cardio 60-85% MAX HEARTRATE

Fahey writes, 'Elegant studies by Dr. George Brooks at the University of California, Berkeley showed that the body uses mainly fats for fuel at rest and low exercise intensities. At 65 percent of maximum effort, the body switches abruptly to carbohydrates and uses much LESS FAT [my emphasis]. The rate of fat breakdown in fat cells aslo decreases with increasing exercise intensity. The best method for losing weight through exercise looks like a no-brainer. Train at low exercise intensity because you'll use fat as FUEL....' Our mitochondria and muscles like the heart are adapted and naturally selected to run on FATTY ACIDS as the optimal fuel for endurance and day-to-day activities.

Caveat: ALSO Key -- Exercise INTENSELY in addition to Cardio

Fahey also adds the essential KEY of ripping and shredding body fat is 'The real answer to the question of how to lose fat through exercise is not so obvious. True, you use more fat as fuel when you exercise moderately. But [***hint***] you lose more body fat when you exercise more intensely during a 24-hour period because you use more fat for feul and INCREASE METABOLISM (increase calorie use) more after exercise. Also, you burn more calories during the exercise itself. The total daily energy use is more important for fat loss than the kinds of fuels used during exercise... As stated, intense exercise increases fat use after the exercise is OVER. You use th readily-available carbs during intense exercise, then SWITCH to fats during RECOVERY. The body uses more fats as fuel after an INTENSE workout than after an easy one. Intense exercise increases post-exercise mtabolisms more than light exercise. Run for an hour at 70-80% maximum effort and you get an extra post-exercise calorie-burning bonus...'

6 Pointers: 'Losing Body Fat with High-Intensity Exercise'
  • Stretch after you workout, when the muscles are warm. Maintaining flexibility will help you prevent injury and maintain normal range of motion in the joints. Stretch after exercise during the cool-down period ather than before. [For me, yoga 20-60min after a workout is better than a MASSAGE seriously and the endorphin-releases are nice.]
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. [fats proteins carbs -- don't forget or skimp]
  • Back off if you get injured. Intense training greatly increases the risk of overuse injuries. People who train intensely ride a thin edge between peak performance and injury because they push hard all the time. Back off on the program when your knees, Achilles tendons, hips or back hurt. Take a few days off [or 1-2wks] and then begin again at a lower intensity.'

  • Sample Schedule (2 days rest, 2 days wts, 2 days short cardio+intervals, 1 day long cardio)

    Mon -- Long Cardio (track or treadmill or cycling or elliptical, etc) 60-90 min @60-85% of max

    Tue -- Weight training (1-3 sets of 10 resp for 8-10 exercises, emphasizing major muscle groups)

    Wed -- Interval training (six 200-meter sprints at 90% of max effort resting 3 min betw sprints or 10 one-minute sprints on an elliptical with one minute rest betw intervals) + Short-Cardio (45 min @60-85% max)


    Fri -- Weight training (ditto)

    Sat -- Interval training (ditto) + Short-Cardio (ditto 45 min)


    UR...A Beautiful MONSTER

    Do you fly ur freak flag high? I don't mind.

    Join the freak nation.

    Be PROUD for being part of the minority rather than the epidemic, growing obese majority.

    Ne-Yo "Beautful Monster"

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