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Auto-Tuning Lp(a): Value of Low Carb, High Sat Fat

Posted Feb 28 2010 9:24am


I've got a big tolerance for stupidity. Even supersized-stupidity. Mostly this is because I am somewhat a bit of ding-dong myself. Luckily... my husband has not divorced me yet after realizing for the millionth time that I'm a complete retardo (and too late, the genes have been dispersed to our offspring *haa*). Recently I put my cellphone through the wash. Seriously.


The stupidity over saturated fat nonsense and low cholesterol diets *sigh* are over the top lately indeed and require a rant. Some cardiologists appear to fear the 'large buoyant LDL' created by saturated fat. I don't get this. Don't our cells possess the biochem to burn our b*tt PHAT? Maybe scientists lack this gene?

Conventional docs aim at LDL which is clearly the wrong target. In the primal/ancestral/crossfit world, the aim is focused on dense LDL. Yes -- this is emphasized by Cordain. He was courageous to stop condemning saturated fat. Xfit nutri certs *big smile* reinforced hyperlipidemia.

Here, biochem tiger Peter deciphers the medical literature. The core of atherosclerotic plaque is made up of lipids, mainly glycolated ones and oxidized LDL (oxLDL).

OxLDL is Lp(a)...
* Lipoprotein (a) is oxLDL
* Statins raise oxLDL and Lp(a)


Let me speak freely.

Saturated fat controls Lp(a). ( HERE , HERE , Krauss and DELTA )
Low carb controls Lp(a). ( HERE and Volek ; insulin-Lp(a) )

This translates to the control of atherosclerotic plaque and regression.

It doesn't matter what level of Lp(a) one has (remember, Hecht showed that disease is associated with levels of 2 to 200 mg/dl) -- Lp(a)/oxLDL is like a 'spark' when lit. What lights up Lp(a)?! OMG. Saturated Fat Deficiency and Insulin. Hyperlipidity fixes Lp(a) and regresses plaque -- let Big Pharma chew on that. Are they colluding to keep us 'low sat fat'? It's not difficult.

Again. The only quartile associated with regression in women in ERA was the high saturated fat quartile. Mozzafarian et al. This is what I observe as well in real life.

Niwamae et al analyzed biometrics in 203 patients with peripheral vascular disease using IVUS. Plaque morphology was also analyzed: soft, hard/calficifed and lipid cores.

Should you be scared of intimal flaps? Errr. Yeah. If I had plaque -- I'd prefer 4-digit calcifications with stable hard-cores, than 2-digit FLAPPY soft-core plaque. Plaque rupture has been highly associated with the presence of intimal flaps -- like a poorly treaded Firestone, they are ready to burst with collision with sticky highway rubbish or pounding speeds.

Intimal flaps were only associated with 3 things according to Niwamae (see Fig 3, above)(1) insulin resistance (read: high carb)
(2) low HDL (read: REALLY dense LDL, low sat fat, high carb)
(3) high total cholesterol (read: denseLDL/apoB/TG, high carb)

What lights up insulin? Carbs.

Read. High carbs KILL.

Carbs cause cancer. Carbs cause cholesterol concerns. Carbs cause PLAQUE.


I like butter. *aah* EAT MORE BUTTER.

Recall, Ai M et al (boy the Japanese scientists ARE SO D*MN SMART) demonstrated that carbs trigger insulin, NOT SATURATED FAT. Previous animal pharm: Insulin and Aging, How Paleo Works

Soft plaque known as fatty streaks even develop in young hearts ( Peter has a picture ) and don't calcify unless oxidation occurs. EBT studies show that 95% of diabetics have calcified plaque, the other 5% probably have soft plaque which are vulnerable to stenosis. Why? Individuals withi diabetes are damaged/oxidized from carbs and insulin. How do you prevent oxidation? Eat some saturated fat d*mn it (ghee, butter, animal PHAT, coconut products, lard, beef, seafood, organ meats, schmaltz, etc) and keep your insulin low with a carb-appropriate diet (minimal fruit, no grains, no oats, no legumes, no soy) and lifestyles that are aligned to your evolutionary genetics. Maintain an intake of very low n-6 oils. Anything > 2-4% of the diet is excessive because it is associated with raising insulin resistance, CAD, cancer rates and inflammation. Walter Willet at Harvard and certain heart programs advise 40% fat with only *gasp* 8% sat fat and 15+% n-6 oils. Heart stopping and insane, isn't it?

Get In Line


There are a lot ding-dongs out there. In academia, the USDA, the ADA, the AHA and conventional cardiac programs (Dean Ornish)... T. Colin Campbell *haa* GO PALEO KING 'the stupidest think I've read' .

Take It Off

One thing I hate about the radio is the overuse of auto-tuning, a software technology employed that takes normal voices and 'tunes' up to desired levels, usually 'pitch perfect'.

The imperfect sounds better to me -- texture, depth, emotions shine through.

Naked. It ROCKS. Naked is true. *HA HAA*

Blah Blah Blah

How many times do we hear about low saturated fat diets? Too often.

Do they work? Hardly. Heart disease is still #1 in killing Americans. Low fat isn't working. Americans are SICKER, FATTER, and MORE TIRED than before 'low saturated fat'.

This Love...

For low fat is pervasive. People feel guilty and 'not healthy' if they fail to follow this advice from their esteemed cardiologist or doctor... I nearly choke when I see HDLs as low as 30's or 40's and people tell me they cut out egg yolks and fat. This is reflected in a heart-deadening drop from HDL of fantastic 60's 70's earlier. Their LDL's are subsequently auto-tuned with a statin to TESTOSTERONE-NUMBING levels of 40's to 50's.


Then they tell me they are using more canola oil, olive oil and wholeheartdisease grains and oatmeal, and I wanna CRINGE and puke out loud. No wonder their numbers S*CK. Initiation and promotion of atherosclerosis and other inflammatory conditions (cancer, autoimmune, migraines, etc) are indeed inevitable.

You're Freaking Me Out

No. Unlike the current management of CAD (coronary artery disease) and the 'tuning' of LDL-cholesterol where Big-Pharma-sponsored heart disease management guidelines (NCEPIII) advise LDL < 70-100 mg/dl for for those with CAD or heart disease equivalents (EBT calcifications, diabetes, aneurysm, peripheral vascular disease, etc)... or other programs that endorse LDL of 60 or below, in contrast, low carb high sat fat evolutionary diets WORK. Small dense LDL are obliterated to zero or near zero. These individuals have heart scans of zero calcifications and definitive regression over time. Show me zero dense LDL and I will show you reversal. Here to be redundant are those succeeding: My Paleo Peeps .

Pushing the LDL below natural, naked, endogenous baselines with Big Pharma drugs (statins, zetia, vytorin, etc) miserably fail from my extensive observations, EBT statin trials (10 out of 12 show progression w/statins) and new ones like ARBITER-6 (vitamin B3 beats the cr*p out of zetia). EBT calcifications continue at unacceptable rates (20-50+%), heart attacks and re-stenosis of stents and bypasses still occur, and disability from lower extremities, kidneys, and failed hearts flagrantly progress despite *cough cough* 'life-saving' statins.


Archaic guidelines need to go extinct. Now.


Kesha's one of my favorite animals right now... The grrrrl cracks me up: Rolling Stone interview . If there's auto-tune, I can't tell... She sounds perfectly IMPERFECT.

While You Were Sleeping

Stuff is happening. Pro-active work in the blogsphere, media outlets, movies like Fathead, books like BSS, Primal Blueprint, and 6-Week Cure and... how 'bout infomercials with some haaaawwt Paleo peeps? We need some. Cordain and Wolf are putting together continuing education for docs -- he said they need a pharmaco person... so might fill in and express my st*pidity *haa*.

Boots And Boys

Not only are Crossfit boys and grrrrls ridiculously super HAAWWT but also require no auto-tuning w/drugs as optimal health falls naturally into place. Avoiding neolithic toxins (legumes, graines, dairy, refined n-6 oils, statins/drugs glyphosate herbicides , etc), eating whole foods, and taking nutraceuticals maximize our evolutionary heritage (omega-3, digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamin D, insulin sensitizers, etc). These endogenously 'auto-tune' employing our inherent software, e.g. DNA and nutrigenomics .

Ultimately, Crossfit + Paleo (Robb Wolf + Nicki Violetti) and our ancient/primal/Protein-Power blogosphere are where I find unprecedented reversal stories. Mr. Billy E did so with only diet (Evo/Paleo low carb, high sat fat) and vitamin D!

A Bad Girl's Lament

What I've noticed is that the athletic field often 'get it' before the medical. A great example is the use of omega-3 fish oil by Dara Torres and other athletes. Ultimately performance trumps lipid panels. To me, results are strikingly self-evident with low abdominal obesity, X-image '300' buff xfit-trained warriors, NBA stars, cycling and Tour de France competitors, and Olympic stars like Apolo Ohno. Slowly people will figure it out and stop listening to their low-fat, conventional, Big Pharma-bribed, Koolaid-drinking doctors.
--Apolo Ohno, 4X Olympic Speedskater ( NYT: coconut oil, eggs, low carb, appears grain-free (except rice prior to events) )
--Christian Vande Velde, Tour de France ( MH: Winning Without Wheat )
--Runner's World, Aug 2004, Should You Be Eating Like A Caveman?
--Men's Health: How the Low Fat Craze is Making Us Fat
--Beijing Olympic gluten-free foraging, runner Amy Yoder Begley

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