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Andy and Susan’s Excellent Adventure to the National Championship

Posted Jan 09 2011 9:55am

We got up at 5:30 yesterday morning to make a 9:05 flight out of Atlanta. At 11:30 we were still in Atlanta. Our plane had trouble with a smoke detector light. There were massive amounts of Auburn people at the airport. The flight that left for Pittsburgh and hour before us was full of people wearing orange and blue. Our flight was no different. There were about 75% of us trying to go west. After two hours of sitting on the plane, they let us off and told us that we needed to make different arrangements. Many had missed their connections already. We had not yet because we had a four hour layover in Charlotte. Yes, we were goingeast to go west. I texted Drew to let him know where we were. He replied, “Man, I could have slept later.” Nick texted read “TV.” When I called to see about making changes the lady from US Air told us that there were no flights with empty seats going west, not even to Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Diego or Las Vegas. Nothing. I did find one on American but for $600.00  per person more than what we had paid for our tickets. Couldn’t do that. By the time I had returned to Andy they had announced that the plane was ready to go if anyone wanted to try and make their connections in Charlotte. We had the time if people loaded up. We were taxiing out and the plane was pulled over to the side. The balance wasn’t right. Time was ticking by on making the connect. I have to admit that I was glad that I didn’t have tickets at that point. The 100 people back in the airport hunting a flight who had tickets I was sure were going to make it to Phoenix. The balance issue was solved. We had to run to our flight in Charlotte. We made our Chicago flight with no trouble. A group of Auburn people came up two minutes after the doors closed. They banged on the doors demanding to be let on. And they were. I don’t know what the moral of the story is yet, but I know we are on the hunt for tickets today. Stay tune… 

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