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American Heart Association Does Not Include New Coumadin Alternative in Updated Guidelines

Posted Jan 04 2011 3:34pm
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Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

Despite the fact that American Heart Association president, Dr. Ralph Sacco, has called the new Coumadin alternatives “a great breakthrough,” the newest atrial fibrillation guidelines do not include the new anticoagulants.   Pradaxa was approved in October of 2010 and yet this guideline just released at the end of December does not guide US physicians on how to use it instead of Coumadin.  The American Heart Association reportedly states they will put out an “update” to the new guidelines at some point soon in order to include Pradaxa.  Until then, cardiologists will be relying on the manufacturer’s guidelines or recommendations from other physicians who are familiar with the drug.  It certainly presents for an interesting situation when the most updated guidelines are no help with the one of the biggest advancements in afib for over 50 years!

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