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after ECG report we got comment. the comment is : ?RVH. Could u tell me What does it mean?

Posted by Maksud Masum

my  age  is  37. my problem  is ...

High  blood  pressure.  Doctor  suggest me to take  medicine for  control High  BP.

and  i continued  it  2  years. then  i  feel  better  but  recently  i got another problem. now my pressure is not  normal .. some times  high  some times  low...when i  feel bad  after  measure BP  then took medicine and  immediately it  falls  down. and  i cant  goes  to  sleep  well. before  2 days  i  feel  very bad and meet  with  doctor . He  is  FCPS (Medicine) gve me  some  Medical  test. like  Blood ( mormal ), urine ( no comments).  ECG ( Rate: 84bpm, Rhythm: Sinus. Axis: Right  axis deviation, O wave: normal, P- R imterval: normal, Q wave: Pathological Q absent,

Q R S Complex: Incomplete RBBB Pattarn, ST segment:  Isoelectric, T wave: Upright., QT interval: normal ,  others: ---------. Comments: ?RVH

X-ray P/A Chest : Normal chest Skiagram

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RVH means right ventricular hypertophy. The muscle of the right side of your heart, the side that pumps to your lungs is thickened.  but your chest x-ray was normal, which is good, because if it was very badly thickened it would appear on the x-ray.

RBBB means right bundle branch block.  It means the electricity moves throught the right side of your heart, but it is very common and does not mean that your heart is damaged or anything. Do you have any breathing issues?

Sounds like you just need some help with blood pressure control and finding the right medicine. Your diet plays a very important role in blood pressure and how your medicines work. Google "DASH diet" it is a diet just for blood presssure, but it is an overall healthy way of eating for your whole body.

Hope you get some relief!

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