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Adventures in Social Security Disability Part 1

Posted Feb 16 2011 9:00am
Applying for Social Security Disability is not an easy process. Like anything it is about preparing, and knowing what you need to send along with your application.

First off there are two disability benefits you are applying to Social Security Disability (SSDI), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For adults or kids who never worked they get SSI and for people who worked and have enough work credits you will receive SSDI. Some will be able to receive both. However the maximum SSI is about $700 per person a month and any money from SSDI is subtracted. For example you have SSDI which pays $1000 .00 a month, then you will not receive SSI because you are getting more than $700.00. But if you had $400 from SSD a month then you could also earn $300. Getting SSI is tricky because there are rules like you can’t have over $2000 in liquid assets which included bank accounts and retirement funds so you would need to liquefy them to just qualify.

If you are working and paying out to social security every year you will receive a summary in the mail from social security pretty much telling you how much you have paid out and there will be a section on if you are disable today here is what the estimated payment, also it will show you the estimated payment at retirement age. That is the best indicator of what you will be paid month from SSDI. If you need to request a statement here is the link

So as for applying there is an online application form or you can do it in person. I have to say I went in person, mostly because I wanted to give the agent all the information I had, so I didn’t have to worry about getting things mailed and having them going to the right person. I realize that many don’t live near a social security office, so doing it online is the only option. Now filling out the application is not the hard part believes me, and it is not even the most important part. It is what you need your cardiologist to do that is the most important. I advise anyone going through the application process visit your cardiologist before applying and have them write a letter and give you the important medical records documenting those things highlighted in the letter (explanation to come).
To Be Continued…
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