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A Prayerful Heart

Posted Oct 14 2010 11:23am

A prayerful heart is the focus for our 5th week of  A Makeover of the Heart .  Tracy Berta provides a downloadable study guide and a video for you to view on her post At the Well .

How thankful I am to be in a personal relationship with Almighty God.  He is Sovereign.  He knows the beginning and the end.  He sees all and knows all.  He is able to see into my heart.  Nothing escapes Him.

I cannot hide behind a mask of being a good Christian doing lots of good deeds.  God sees the true motives in my heart.

Relationship requires communication.  I communicate with God through prayer.  So many verses of Scripture confirm for me that God wants me to pray.

So each morning I begin my day with the Lord. My Bible and journal are open and I sit quietly as I drink my first cup of coffee.  If the weather permits, I love to sit outside on the patio.  In quietness and solitude I come to be filled to overflowing with His Spirit with an open and willing heart.
  • I acknowledge who He is.
  • I praise and worship Him.
  • I tell Him my concerns.
  • I bring my petitions before Him for myself and others.
  • I believe that He hears me and loves me.   
  • I thank Him.
I listen with a desire to hear Him.  I read His Word expectantly.  Sometimes a verse will stand out or there's a strong impression on my heart.  I record what I learn in my journal.

As I leave this morning time of prayer, it's just the beginning.  Throughout the day, I'm more attentive to that still small voice or prompting by His Holy Spirit.  After all, He may have a Divine appointment for me and I don't want to miss it. 

I'm less dependent on others to fill my needs since I've already been filled.  Whatever my loved ones give to me is extra.  I no longer demand that others meet all my needs.

Tracy shared how we live in a world that has come to expect "instant gratification". 

Instant messages, drive through fast food restaurants, microwave meals ...
Photo Credit: Megan Littell

Being still and waiting doesn't come naturally.

As I look back in my prayer journal, I find my concerns and prayer requests.  In hindsight, I can see that God was actively at work in my life.  Sometimes the answer to a prayer might be yes, no or wait.

I've gone through many seasons of trials.  I've seen that in the midst of my most difficult times, He has been with me.  I've learned valuable lessons I would otherwise not have learned. 

I've learned to trust Him even if I don't see the answer YET.

Although I've been tempted to take things into my own hands, when I've waited on His answer ...I've not been disappointed.  Taking action on my own complicates things.

I'm a work in progress, constantly learning and growing. Sometimes I falter and take a few steps backwards.  But the Lord is so patient with me.

How about you?  Do you take everything to the Lord in prayer?  Do you only share the 'big things' or do you talk to Him about everything?

Blessings and love,

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