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A matter of discipline and organisation

Posted Oct 03 2008 11:32am

Now that I am going to gym three times a week I find that I have got a bit slack on eating correctly. The occassional indulgence in junk food has become more frequent which I am sure, in turn, negates a lot of the benefit of exercising. How am I going to sort out my hypertension if there is no change when I step on the scales?

It’s fairly amusing to observe how I/we can rationalise and justify our actions. The exercising is going well, the scales seem to not tip as far as they used to, so what harm can a few slices of bacon have really? A breakdown in discipline…

That and the fact that as the latter half of the month swings around the fridge and cupboards are running a bit lean. It’s hard to stick to a healthy eating regime when all you have in the refrigerator is leftovers from five days ago and some dodgy-looking cold meats that you bought at the beginning of the month. No fruit, no fresh vegetables… How are you supposed to stick to the DASH eating plan then?

So, discipline - i.e. what you put in your mouth, and organisation, i.e. making sure you have enough of the right foods in the kitchen, will ultimately determine how well I do at lowering my blood pressure.

Wish me luck!

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