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A day in the life…

Posted Jan 08 2008 12:00am

Just to give you an idea of what goes on all too often.

i had a nice day planned. looked forward to getting outside. now, i am in bed, cannot move and am in a lot alot alot of pain again.  i called the doctors, they cannot explain it. it came on so fast that i had to cancel my day completely and now i must journey to the upper east side to be examined.  i am going to try and avoid the hospital at all costs but no one can seem to explain why this is happening to me. i am trying to nip it before it gets as bad as it did this past weekend.  same things, i am cold to the core, chills, neck back and head are killing me.

in the process of trying to get myself together to go and see my doc (who will most likely not be able to tell me what’s happening) my heart doctor calls me about the mri. get ready for this one:

last thrusday’s mri showed that the front of my heart is pumping decently.  the bottom and back are not pumping at all.  apparently they MISREAD the first MRI taken in the hospital in October when they had thought the heart was pumping poorly all around. not the case.  turns out it was the exact same as it is now, three months later and there has never been an improvement even though I WAS TOLD SO. never. so i feel really down right now. like it’s been a waste of time.

needless to say the defib is not a question anymore. let’s see how fast they can schedule me in.

i also just spoke to cleveland clinic.  a nurse there is arranging for me to see a couple of doctors. she is “working on it and once the arrangements have been made she will call me”

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