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A day at the libraries

Posted Mar 02 2010 7:50am

My number two son and number three child had to go for job training in Cobb County yesterday. Instead of driving back home I dcside to go to a local library and get some work done. The first libray was a small branch one. It had a lot of business, and so small I almost felt in the way. Later that afternoon I went to check out the main library. I could only stay a few minutes before I had to pick up Zach. I found a booth and was reading through my manuscript.  Two men, not gentlemen, stood leaning against the booth next to mine talking like they were at a football game. They were standing right over me almost.This library was busy also making is difficult to move easily. I finally said,” Guys do you mind.” My tone sounded a little put out I’m sure. There was no apologiy offer. One moved on. The other stayed a minute and had the nerve to say, “Nothing we were doing was bothering you.” I just looked at him in disbelief. He said the same line again before he move on to talk to his buddy a little ways away from me. Whatever happening to being quiet in a library?     

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