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A Bit Of Good News!

Posted Jul 15 2008 12:00am

I didn't get to mention that last month after the kids' birthday party, and after everyone went home except for our family, Lisa remembered a couple presents she forgot to take out of her car. She had some water toys in the bags for each one, and a tshirt for each of them, too.
I can't believe I've been holding on to this news for almost a month!! Lisa asked us not to say anything until she had her first appointment with the doctor today. Everything looks good so far. She said the baby looks like a gummi bear. lol She saw the little heart fluttering. Her due date is February 13th. They will not be finding out what they are having! I am just very excited for them!! And I am excited about becoming an aunt yet again!!

Continuing on the good news front, I was in Cleveland yesterday for my appts. Despite it being a freaking LONG day, since my dad and I left at 5:30am, things went well. My 6mw was a smidgen better, which really doesn't mean anything at all, other than I'm stable. I asked my PH doc about increasing my dose of Revatio, but he wanted to see if the new adult congenital cardiologist would suggest doing an RHC (right heart catherization) before raising the dose. So I really had nothing else to ask him!

The new cardio doctor was really nice, and very thorough! He spent alot of time with us, which was very nice. He said he would not suggest an RHC unless I was going to start a completely new drug. He said there wasn't a reason to do one on a drug I'm already taking. This made sense to me! We also discussed other treatment options, especially the Flolan or Remodulin. He is extremely leary of me being on either of those drugs with a congenital heart condition because of the risk of clots at the site, and infections. He said he would rather me be on the Ventavis, which is an inhaled drug. He said although it would be a bit of a pain, doing it so many times a day, there wouldn't be a risk of infection. This was all interesting to learn! I really enjoyed my appt with him. And now, he will be talking to my PH doc at some point this week, to discuss my case and whether my Revatio should be increased. I hope to hear from someone about it all by next week!

On a funny note, I wore my SOB tshirt, and it was a hit with the nurses and doctors I saw! In fact, the fellow I saw right before the cardiologist actually gave me his card, and wants to know how he could order a shirt. Whooo hoo! I felt sort of funny wandering around with it on, but it actually got comments, so I am glad I did!

We didn't get a chance to meet Tracie and Ryan. When I called her, I thought we'd be in Erie around 7pm, and she said Ryan usually was in bed by then. I called her around 6:20 again to let her know we just got into Erie, but I had to leave a message. She emailed me later that night saying Ryan decided to go to the neighbor's house and didn't tell anyone, so she was looking all over for him and missed my call. Such a bummer!! I'm glad that he was found, at least! So I guess we'll try again next time!

Well it's bedtime. I don't know how I made it this long without passing out. I did take a nap today, but it wasn't much of anything! I have a busy day the next couple days with appts (yes, MORE appts!), so I need to get rest when I can!!

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