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31 here I come !

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
Age 30
Boston Ma
I was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart, Pulmonary Artesia with Intact Ventricular Septum and moderate Tricuspid Artesia
II will be 31 next Wednesday, I am pretty sure I can make it another week. Back in 1978 the idea of living to 1 was just dream for my doctors and yet here I am at 31 and have out lived the whole surgical team and my first cardiologist. Yet my life is different then those who are born today. I will always be a "blue baby" my cyanosis will always be with me. My body has adjusted to that fact and with 31 years of experience it still shocks doctors in its ability, people always think my oximeter is broken not me!
Growing old in an uncertain period is more challenging, then growing up an impossible time. Mostly, because the specialist are few and far between and research is done on us. We are aging like out parents, but there aren't many to take care of our age and our condition so life continues to challenge as they say there is "no rest for the weary" but there is hope that future generation even generations 6 to 10 years prior to I have been able to do things beyond what my body is capable. The idea of being able to run for any distance, or climb up flights of stairs at a time, is but a dream I at last have decided will never come, but I see my fellow CHD friends doing these things. So I guess I don't always mind being the test subject because maybe someone will get to run if I do, or at least get to dream of doing it.
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