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Hearing Loss & Deafness Community - General Discussions

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Eating issues and a deaf child My daughter is 3 years old and since she started eating even baby food I have had issues with her.  ...
May 12 2010 6:31am
I don't believe that there is a connect between eating and Connexin 26. Every child is... more
Jan 20 2011 7:49pm
How do you manage Meniere's? Last August, I had a sudden hearing loss - no vertigo.  The hearing came back in one ear, but only ...
Mar 19 2010 12:34pm
Jan, Do you have any whirling noise, or like a feeling of fullness in your ears? ... more
Jun 19 2011 6:58pm
Anyone know anyting about autoimmune inner ear... I had a sudden hearing loss in both ears last summer and after seeing an ENT, otologist and a rheu ...
Feb 06 2010 10:43pm
thanks for your reply.  I've had the ear shots in my bad ear, didn't bring back any... more
Feb 13 2010 9:20am
Looking for kids/teen with Advanced Bionic Hi all,   I have a cochlear implant with Advanced bionic and I am also a photographer. I am ...
Jun 12 2009 10:20am
You have really mentioned very good nad important things in your post.. Tia... more
Dec 15 2009 9:24pm

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