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Quick Takes, Holiday Edition by Wendi Patient Expert 1.  They say our area has a 90% chance of snow on Christmas. It seems hard to believe, with a high today of 48 degrees and Christmas only two days away. But we’ll see – st ... Read on »
merry xmas by groovychik007 Patient ExpertFacebook to my followers and fellow blogger i would like to wish you all a happy christmas and a healthy new year hope it will be a good 2015! Read on »
Cell Phones and Me, A History by Wendi Patient Expert I’ve never been much of a cell phone person. The first one I remember buying was for our honeymoon in 2002. We paid $100 for a phone that was supposed to be hearing aid co ... Read on »
Plateaus, Valleys, Plains and Mountains: Measuring Progress by Rachel C. Patient Expert We know that getting a cochlear implant is not an instant fix.  Speech, language, and listening skills do not magically appear after activation, and progress is on everyone’ ... Read on »
Older and Wiser: Christmas Cookies by Wendi Patient Expert When I was a kid, I was fascinated by Christmas and how it was celebrated in other countries. I used to check out library books on the subject. It was hard to imagine foll ... Read on »
Not A Real Post by Wendi Patient Expert Oh my gosh — I haven’t been doing well with Holidailies, have I?  (More like Holi-every-couple-dailies around here.) We just did a whirlwind final Christmas shopping d ... Read on »
Recovering from Cochlear Implant Surgery by Rachel C. Patient Expert Congratulations!  You (or your child) are on your way home from a successful cochlear implant surgery.  What now?  Here are some tips to make recovery as smooth and comforta ... Read on »
Aquacase... by Fumasivil There's no end to good things *smiles*. I was offered a aquacase to use in wet situations with my Naida. Sure enough - I went and used it for the first time at the swi ... Read on »
Bargaining with the Tooth Fairy by Wendi Patient Expert Earlier today I heard Dave chuckling. “Oh, this is totally you,” he said, pointing to his computer screen. I leaned over his shoulder to read the Reddit post he was talkin ... Read on »
Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Loss and Education by Rachel C. Patient Expert Here are some of the questions I hear most frequently regarding students with hearing loss and their education, from preschool to college graduation and beyond!   Do student ... Read on »