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You've got a Talker There

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm

Pretty much every where we go now, someone comments on how much and well Lily is talking.  From grocery store clerks and people in the Library, to Realtors and retail check out people.  Not because they see Lily's Cochlear Implants or have any idea of what they are, but because she is talking all the time and her speech is very clear. 

The grocery store clerk said, "She talks so well and you can understand everything she says.  How old is she?"  This is at the same time another grocery store clerk is throwing balls with Lily in the aisle.  Lily is telling him to "throw the ball."  He carefully tosses the ball and she say, "Uh oh, I missed it."  No worries.  He ran and picked it up to throw it again.

The slightly odd thing is on this same trip, a man started signing to Lily.  He could hear, because he had already informed me (unsolicited), that I was debating over two metal pans that were the same.  "No," I said, "One has a lid and the other one does not."  Or as my friend Yvonne would say, "Back off."  :)

Two other people have signed to Lily once they could see her CIs which I find very interesting. Not sure if they were deaf or not.   It will be facinating to watch this new generation of kids with hearing loss and the enormous amount of opportunities that have opened up to them because of their Cochlear Implants.

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