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*WTF* Pissed Off...Again!

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:47pm
I have been somewhat absent for a couple of weeks, so I just started catching up on my blogs. Christina posted this, and here is what Jean left as a link on her blog. It could be the 105°heat and 100% humidity, or I might just be rightfully PISSED OFF at this little article...

Slow Deaf Child

June 29, 2006

Deaf Children = Wild Animals?: You’ve probably seen those yellow signs by the roadside that announce “SLOW Deaf Child” or “Caution: Deaf Child Area”. Are these signs really necessary? Deer, cows, and ducks may occasionally have their own signs, but do Deaf children need them? Deaf children are not wild animals. They can be taught how to play outside and cross the street safely. The problem is not that they are Deaf. The real problem is society - the attitude of parents, caretakers, and even some schools. They may believe that Deaf children need special treatment. They may lack fluent signing skills, making it difficult for them to teach and discipline their Deaf children. Or they may simply be too lazy to make an effort to teach about street safety. Any children - Deaf or hearing - who haven’t been taught to stay out of the street, should not be outside unsupervised in the first place. Putting up signs like these does nothing but spread the idea that Deaf children are disabled, helpless, or lacking intelligence. A far better solution is to teach Deaf children how to be independent and self-reliant, both of which will do a whole lot more for their self-esteem than a yellow sign.

*Note: the Italian word for this is "CAZZZZZZATE!"*

*The proper term in English would be "BULLSHIT!"* (*SMILE*)

This was Christina's reply to Jean's Blog:

Jean-I'm not sure if that blog link you sent me was meant to accuse me of being a lazy parent who lacks sufficient parenting skills to manage my kid. If nothing else, I hope these signs will help my neighbors in a very busy neighborhood be aware that there is a little boy on a trike that can't hear as well as the rest of their kids. We live in an area where people honk their horn as they back out. My son can't hear that. I do believe that my child has a disability, and I do everything in my power to make his life easier. His safety is always first on my mind. While he is NOT a wild animal, he is a toddler. A deaf toddler, who needs all the help he can get right now.

Then...Christina posted this:

Enough is Enough

This blog was always intended as a place to share my ups and downs as a hearing parent to a deaf child. It was designed to be a spot to highlight our journey, pass along tips and resources, and to just be a place where I could share the beautiful moments that I share with my son. I've met some amazing people, and formed some lifelong friendships through this blog. It has been a blessing in my life.

This blog was NOT designed to become a forum for the Deaf Community to ridicule and judge my decisions. Over the months, I received comments from people accusing me of raping my child by giving him a Cochlear Implant. My communication methods were judged. The choices I made, the things that I said, EVERYTHING was judged. Judged by a community that I so desperately want to be a part of and understand. In my post today about the Deaf Child signs that are being placed, I was pretty much accused of being a lazy parent relying on signs for my kids safety. It even accused me of treating my kid like a wild animal.

Congratulations, Deaf Community. You've just pushed another person away.

While I know that the entire Deaf Community is not like this, there are a few vocal and loud folks who always seem to find a way to rain on a Mom's parade. Who feel it's their place to tell a hearing parent how to raise their child. Who feel that somehow, they could do a better job than me. I've sucked it up, I've taken it all in stride. Until today.

Comments that were left on my blog today make me sick. They show just how divided the Deaf Community really is.

There's only so much of this I can take. I'll be moderating my comments for now on. I don't want this joyful site to turn into a hate-filled place.

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