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Writing helped me to overcome the diagnosis of hearing loss

Posted Oct 11 2011 11:34am

By Liz Fisher, author of Liz's Deaf Blog
Liz Fisher was diagnosed deaf in 2002 and struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis. Here is her story on how she overcame the struggle and her blog helped her and others.
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I am a late deafened adult who has been wearing hearing aids since Autumn 2002, after being told I had hearing loss, which when told I was initially at first shocked, because I still expected to be told to go away and listen that bit harder.

After the feeling of shock, my next feeling was fear, because an appointment was made to go for an MRI. I don’t like closed spaces. So this was at the back of my mind for most of the time, right up to the appointment.

When I was first fitted with hearing aids, I chose just to have the one, rather than two, because I did not like the idea of wearing a hearing aid, and saw it as what old people wear. Although I have learnt that is not true since then.
Grieving for my hearing loss, hit me big time two years later. Slowly leading up to this I was feeling stressed from finding others not making it easy for me, through ignorance and other situations. I was becoming less patient with myself, and unfortunately my Mum was getting the brunt of it, as I started feeling snappy toward her, as well as myself. My confidence level dropped, and I did not know who I was anymore.

7th October 2008 was when Liz’s Deaf Blog was born. I found by writing my blog it helped to ease my frustrations I had in my life. Then I realised that what I was writing could help others like me, knowing they were not alone feeling what I was feeling. I also found friends through my blog. Some of which I still stay in contact to this day, who have been great support.

My first experience with deaf was when I was nine years old, when a friend of my Mum’s used to come to our home every Sunday afternoon. She was deaf, and so I learnt at that age to always speak without covering my mouth and to speak clearly. I use this experience to speak clearly with other people, when people say they can lip-read me well, and find me a clear speaker. But it’s not until you are deaf yourself, that you realise just how hard it can be. But thankfully with technology we have today, this helps to make our lives easier.

While my blog remains running, it helps not just people like me, but also families or friends of deaf people, who have come to me for advice, whether it was directly through my blog, or privately by email, which I will keep doing when needed. I have also found students use my blog for their studies. It’s nice to know I can help in any way I can.

I find I’m always learning. Being deaf does not mean I know everything, but if we all share knowledge together, that knowledge may help the next person. My latest, as I write this, is finding the right telephony communication, that is also right for me money wise. When I find what I’m searching for, I will share it on my blog and I know I will help the next person.

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