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Wii Are Learning Language

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:00pm

When we purchased our Wii a couple of months ago, we had no idea how much Drew and his sister would enjoy watching us play games! And we had no idea how many language opportunities our video game playing would present.

For instance, when we say, "Drew, do you want to drive?," he runs to the credenza, pulls the doors open and grabs the steering wheels, all while saying "drive, drive," over and over again. We can tell him exactly who to give the steering wheels to, and he will oblige.

Then, he'll start saying, "chair, chair" over and over, while walking to the dining room and pushing a chair into the living room. Drew knows that his Daddy likes to sit in an upright chair while playing the Wii.

We're currently enjoying the Mario Kart game, complete with the Moo Moo Meadows track, where we can review animal sounds. Now when we ask what track we should drive, Drew will say, "Moo," so we know he wants us to drive the course with the cows! We enjoy saying, "Ready, set, GO!," as a family at the start of each race. Drew will say, "Uh oh," every time I fall off of the track, which happens quite a bit. And each time Drew's Dad earns another trophy, Drew claps his hands while saying, "Yeah, Daddy!"

I never thought life would feel this normal. When you're told that your child is deaf and will need a cochlear implant, followed by years of therapy in order to maximize their hearing, you have this picture that your entire life will be spent in a therapists office as they work to catch the child up. And while it is important to have the formal therapy, we have found that there are plenty of language opportunities in our everyday activities. It is great because it allows Drew to learn to listen and talk while enjoying all of the things that we enjoy doing as a family. Wii are all having a lot of fun.

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