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Why do problems occur on weekends?

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
I guess I had gotten a bit over confident with Thomas' processors. Whenever I have had a problem..I would call Cochlear and they would send me whatever was needed (a new coil, magnet, controller unit,etc) within a few days.
For well over a month now we have been having a few problems with Thomas' right (1stCI) processor. When I would go to turn it on instead of blinking H3 it would give a slow blink and when I would place the coil on Thomas it wouldnt change from H3 to would stay on H3. So, I would take the battery out, put it back in or turn the unit off and back on. At our last Mapping we told Dr. M about it and she immediately called Cochlear and had them send us a new controller. That was on a Thursday and we didnt receive the new unit until the next week. I swapped out the controllers and we are still having the same problem. But now, it has gotten much worse. For no reason at all the entire until will just shut off. Thomas threw a HUGE fit in the car yesterday, he started yelling and pointing to his ear. From my baby mirror I could see the no red light was flashing and the coil was still in place. I pulled over and unclipped the unit and found that it was off. So I tried over and over again to turn it back on...NOTHING! I took the battery out...put it back in... try to turn it on...NOTHING! Of course, the left side was blinking and at H1 battery! UGH...So Thomas rode home in silence ~and he was NOT happy about it.
When we got home I put new batteries in his left side. Whew..thank goodness he can hear pretty good from that side!! Now on to the right side. I took the battery out and went and got a new battery, put it in and it turned on! YEAH. I looked at the display to make sure that it was on P3 and there were a bunch of lines. I couldnt read anything. Than the screen went blank. I took his left side off and called his name and he looked over and smiled so his right side was on~ but no display was showing.
So far this morning we have had no problems (knock on wood). Thomas is napping now, I am hoping that we continue a trouble free afternoon and evening. I will be calling Cochlear first thing tomorrow morning!!!
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