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Whiskers on Kittens

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Roy renamed Gargamel to Blackjack. Kind of fitting...Las Vegas thing. :-)

He's doing well! He's still overcoming URI. It probably will take a while though. We've gotten used to the boogers coming out of his nose, however it can be a bit unpleasant when he gives us furry kisses or rubbing against our faces. So, ew. :-)

We've allowed him to roam around the house. Thank goodness we have more space. The other two cats are a bit hissy, but slowly coming around. They are just leaving him alone, and Blackjack is very smart as he leaves THEM alone.

Personality: He loves to snuggle up on your lap, and would stay there for hours. He loves to knead, although it can get a bit annoying/painful if he keeps doing it on the same spot. I'm trying to make him do it on a blanket instead. He was probably weaned too early. He's very talkative...meows everywhere. So, that's CI moment for me every single day! He's a very messy eater...getting food all over his nose. I'm hoping that once I have him adjusted to the dry food, it will stop.
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