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When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

Posted Apr 04 2009 12:16am
Before I had Christian and Lily, I was a Director of Meetings and Events. I loved my job, even with the crazy hours and even crazier attendees. I was passionate about my work. I planned to go back to get my MBA, and then life happened (Welcome to the world, Christian!). While I still try to work 15 hours or so a week in the industry, my passion lies somewhere completely different.

If I would've known 13 years ago when I had to pick my major my freshman year of college that I would one day parent a Deaf child, I think I would've picked a different major. Perhaps I would've picked Education, so I could navigate the public school system. Maybe I would've picked audiology, so I could interpret the dozens and dozens of audiograms he would receive. Or maybe I would've picked Healthcare Management, so I could put up a good fight with the insurance companies. While I loved majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, they really aren't helping me out here in my day to day running of my family.

I still have the desire to go back to school and get my Masters, but it will not be in Business Administration. I'm seriously exploring the possibility of going back to get my Masters in Speech Language Pathology. I know one day I will go back to work. And I can't imagine doing anything else other than working with Deaf kids and helping them learn to listen and speak. I want to be able to help families just like my own. While I loved picking out the perfect decor for a gala, planning fundraisers, negotiating convention center contracts, and enjoying the countless fancy dinners that came along with my job, I would much rather be sitting on the floor with a toddler with a brand new CI, practicing his Ling sounds. We certainly can't afford to send me back to school while we are paying the hefty tuition at Christian's school, but I am getting all my ducks in a row, so when the time comes, I can jump right in.
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