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What We're Working on Tuesday...Good Bye Speech Therapy!

Posted Jun 15 2010 5:06am
Since Christian was a 9 month old little baby he has been in speech therapy. It started with his Early Intervention teachers playing on the floor with him, playing music, shaking rattles and helping him identify sounds. We would clap and cheer and say "Good Listening Christian!"and my sweet little man would clap his hands.

As he grew and received his Cochlear Implant, along with his teachers, we quickly learned that Christian was special. He was our profoundly deaf child who was also an AUDITORY learner. As parents, Chuck and I worked hard, and Christian worked even harder. Once Christian started at his school at 18 months, he  took off. He kept up, and eventually passed language and listening levels of his hearing peers. And now, 2 years post-implantation, he has graduated out of speech therapy. We're so incredibly proud of all the hard work that he has accomplished over these past 2 years, and beyond thankful for early and CONSISTENT intervention.  It is also comforting to know that while he will no longer be receiving pull-out therapy or related services that he will have the watchful eyes of his in-class educator, SLP, and team of teachers at school next year. In the meantime, we're going to enjoy a summer of going to camps, the beach, and having FUN!
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