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What steps should I take to rid me of my ear pain?

Posted by grimus


I have had terrible ear pain and has increased over the last year. I am not able to sleep on my right side as this ear feels pressure build up and sharp pains that wake me up at night and shoot down my neck. I cannot pinpoint the exact area but everytime I go to the doctors they do not see an infection and tell me there is nothing there. I know I am in pain, I feel like when I put my finger in my ear and press down lightly it hurts. It feels internal and really is quite annoying. It also has created headaches as well. What should I do every doctor has made me feel like I am loosing my mind, and cannot perscribe anything.

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I had a very similar experience and it turned out to be TMJ ( a jaw joint issue ). Diagnosis of this condition is often mistaken for ear issues and missed. I would investigate that possibility and maybe see an orthodontist. I treated mine with magnesium supplements (effective on brauxisms) and it has not returned. I hope you find the right answer.
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