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What is auditory deprivation syndrome?

Posted by Steve Franklin

My audiologist tells me that the longer I put off using hearing aids, the less effective they will be at an older age, due to auditory deprivation syndrome.  I'm looking for information about this syndrome, if what he says is correct or not, and any related matters that might apply to me.
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Yup ... he is correct. I was deaf for 25+ years (I could hear as a child, played musical instruments, etc). I pretty much went deaf after high school.  3 years ago I received cochlear implants. It took me a year to learn to hear again... and I mean I had to literally learn to pick out sounds from the environment.  The longer you are without hearing, the harder it will be to hear when you have your hearing restored (either by hearing aides or by implants),  And you have to continue to wear your aides/implants every day if you want to keep your hearing in top shape...  just as in everything else, use it or lose it.
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