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What Does A Cochlear Implant Look Like?

Posted by Drew's Dad . Patient Expert

I recorded this video several months ago because as I was remembering our confusion and lack of information when we first heard the words "cochlear implant". What exactly was it? What in the world did this implant look like?

At first I was hoping that Drew wouldn't have to wear hearing aids simply because I feared people or children in school would make fun of him. When we discovered his lack of hearing was more serious than that, I was left wondering what the implants looked like.

I searched for cochlear implant pictures, and I found a picture of an implant that looked like it must have been used in medieval Europe. This thing was a GINORMOUS satellite dish on the side of the kids head, with what looked like cat-5 cable tv cords coming out of it, running to a box the size of a laptop tied to the kids back with barbed wire.

Ok, I exaggerate a bit - but that's what it felt like at that time. So, because I want to make sure curious parents or other members of the public can see what the implant looks like and what pieces it's made of, I give you:

Note: This video is showing Cochlear's Freedom processors with babyworn and snug-fit technologies. Bodyworn or BTE (behind-the-ear) setups can be used, but are just not depicted in this video. What this means is that this setup is for little kids. For bigger kids or adults, you wouldn't have that long cable, it would all sit right on your ear (imagine you "erased" the long cable and only have what's shown above it left).

Please let us know if this video is helpful.

***I've added a captioned version of this video through Overstream. Here it is!
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visit for more information about cochlear implants.
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