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Want to Learn Everything About Your Ears?

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:11pm
I got from Santa this really great book now, before I tell you the name of the book,the reason why I wanted this book was because he is a Doctor from HLAA LIVE CHAT who happens to be very Knowledgeable about HEARING LOSS & TINNITUS. I deal with both of these issues daily. If you really interested in seeing what advice Dr gave everyone on TINNITUS Click Here.
Honestly I always wanted to learn about my ears but then I got ill and things didn't go as planned. I didn't know what HZ or DB was..I learned it on my own.

DR Michal Seidman Book is called " SAVE YOUR HEARING NOW" you can get it anywhere!!!! Amazon or Borders the link above is amazon. So go buy it cost only $15.00. I read 120 pages within 3 hours, I couldn't put it down. Here are Some Notes (ONLY SOME) I jotted down.

Dr. Michael Seidman helped me so much within this pass 2 days. It's the greatest advice and program that you can use if you have a hearing loss. Now I cant say that it will work on everyone because we are all different. But.. I can tell you that I learned alot about MY EARS within 2 days. I am glad I know all this information now. Although I should of known all this years ago. Dr Seidman's book is an easy read. Once you open this book You wont stop reading it, trust me!!

So For those of you that want to learn about your " EARS" pick this up today or go to your nearest Library.

Save Your Hearing Now:
my notes-

Outer ear ( visible part)- is called the Auricle, sometimes its called PINNA or FEATHER.

We DON'T HEAR with AURICLE ( the outer part)

Ear Canal- Sound Waves that reach the Auricle ( outer part) that move into a short tube.

Secretion AKA CERUMEN created by special glands.

How Do I clean my ears? Well of course Q-TIPS!! I know I KNOW " I CAN DAMAGE MY EAR" but guess what I never Knew you could clean your ears With PEROXIDE with a little on your finger!!!Thanks to Dr Seidman NOW I KNOW and I will STOP using Q-TIPS! If he knew me and found out I was using Q-TIPS since god knows how long, well he wouldn't like me to much lol.

MIDDLE & INNER EAR- are housed in the temporal bone which is the hardest bone in our body! ( I NEVER KNEW THAT EITHER) HA. It gets better.

Ossicles- relay vibration from eardrum to cochlea which converts into tiny hair cells in the inner ear.

3 small bones in our body in inner side of eardrum.
1- Hammer ( Malleus)
2- Stirrup ( Stapes)
3- Anvil (Incus)

Inner Ear= Cochlea.

Thank You Dr Seidman for putting this book out there for people just like me with hearing loss. I cannot say that It changed my life yet because I only been reading your book for 2 days straight, but I can deafinitely tell you this book really helped me learn alot that I always wanted to know. I also enjoyed the HLAA Chat Forum with you a few months ago.Thanks for answering my questions about TINNITUS & I didn't know up until you told us that you had TINNITUS!

PS- Your website is great I sent it to many of my friends that have TINNITUS just like me. Thanks for helping me cope with TINNITUS. Having Tinnitus is difficult but with your advice it has helped a little. Someday I hope we meet because I would like to THANK YOU in person!! Maybe you will be at the HLAA CONVENTION THIS YEAR IN JUNE?

Until then everyone... Don't forget to pick his book up. It will change your life!

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