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Vivosonic - ABRs Without Sedation Or Anesthesia

Posted May 20 2009 1:20pm 1 Comment

One of the Google ads running on our site attracted my attention. It was an ad for the companyVivosonic  that has developed a new ABR procedure that"enables recording clear responses without the risk or additional cost of sedation." It also allows the test to be administered in a variety of settings like schools, rather than a doctor's office. Here's a link to the product and a pretty goodvideo outlining how it works.

When we took Lily in to the audiologist after her newborn hearing screening, we were told that she would need to be totally quiet and still to get accurate results. Because she was so young, we were able to test her by timing the doctor's appointment with her nursing and sleeping schedule so she slept through both ABRs without needing sedation. However, if she was any older or any more active that would not have been an option. Looks like now, parents may now have a better option. I'm not sure how prevalent this new technology is, but it's nice to see it becoming available. It's hard enough as a parent having to go through MRIs, CAT scans and CI surgery itself without having one more medical sedation.

Is anybody familiar with this product?

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Hi Lily's Dad!  You are correct!  There is now an option for parents who would prefer to not sedate their children for ABR testing. In most instances the Vivosonic Integrity can accomplish diagnostic results in an awake, feeding/nursing child or those playing quietly.  If anyone is looking for a clinic near you utilizing the technology, please feel free to contact our support team at 1-877-255-7685 x 2 who can direct you.
Erica Helmer, Vivosonic Inc.
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