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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
We had quite a few visitors last week!

Roni came over for a week before she went to Seattle.
My mom and Terry came here for a long weekend.

The cake of the entire visiting thing, is my brother, George came here for a couple days. George is a Staff Sargent in the Army. He has been to Iraq, and going for his forth (or third) tour next August, not November like I thought.

Mom had NO clue that he was coming here for a visit. I invited George so Mom and Terry can see him. He lives in Colorado, so he drove his Harley all the way from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas. On Thursday night, we all had a big BBQ. Mom and Terry just came to Las Vegas an hour or so before the BBQ. I had to BEG them to make sure they can come.

After they took a tour of the house and going outside. Roy said to Mom, "Someone's at the door for you?" Mom was puzzled. She went to the door and there was George, her son who we haven't seen in 2 years. So needless to say, I made my mom's year.

George and I made up for lost time by goofing off, talking about Politics, and a little about Iraq which sometimes he keep tight lipped in the past. He seemed to be a little more open this time around. Roy knows that if he messes with me, all I have to do is call on George, my father and Terry. George and Dad belongs in the Army. My dad can get the helicopter and shoot him down. Terry can call the Fire Department and get him hosed (Terry was a fire chief of Boonton).

Roni, Mom, George and I went to the Hoover Dam. That was a lot of fun. Not something you would go to all the time, but interesting nonetheless.

Roni and Roy went to see Stomp Out Loud. I bought the tickets for Friday night and I just screwed up with my class schedule. I thought I start classes this week, started on Friday night. So I couldn't go. They enjoyed it and it was deaf friendly. I wondered if it's different now that I have CI.

All the visitors left by this morning and it's nice to have my house back!
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