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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I'm not sure if any of you have seen True Life: I'm Deaf on MTV on Sunday. Chris, who was featured on the show, attended Mountain Lakes High School which is my alma mater. I was supposed to be on the show, however because I needed to have the surgery soon due to school coming up, they couldn't really fit into my schedule. In a small way I'm disappointed and should have just postponded my surgery. However, I probably would feel out of place because I'm 29 and they normally feature 14 to 25 year olds for True Life.

I enjoyed watching the show. My teacher, Mrs. Salvo was shown on the show as well. She was my speech teacher in 8th grade, then all the way through High School. I hardly ever needed her my Junior Year and Senior. "You make my job too easy!" So I didn't go to speech classes for two years. My other teacher, who face was blurred out, was shown for 2 secs. She didn't want to sign the big stack of release forms, so they just blurred her face out. :-)

My thoughts about the show - This show BARELY covers what it's like to be a teen/young adult and deaf. There's a huge range of how deaf people put themselves in the Deaf world. The two young people are on one end of the extreme, where one young person is deaf, but not Deaf (someone who is involved with the Deaf culture, knows sign language, etc). Chris is deaf, but he's a lot like me where he probably feels that he's in the middle. He signs mainly in PSE, which is what I've learned in Lake Drive School.

They didn't show deaf teens in a deaf family, deaf culture or events. I think it's a big difference between True Life's show and reality.

I'm getting so many visitors to my house than I ever had at my apartment! :-)

I finally made an appointment to the CI audiologist to get a new map. I seriously felt like I want to take my two CIs and just protest against wearing it. It's THAT bad. So, I have an appointment tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to pay for the map out of my own pocket. I need to change my insurance company because no one in Las Vegas accept the specific type of insurance that I have. Before the left surgery, it took me AGES (well, a month), to find the right insurance and then I had to wait 3 months until it was effective.

On another note - my right side is hurting a little bit. It doesn't hurt where the actual implant is, but just above it. Sometimes it hurts to the point where I don't want my CI on anymore. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I'm right side sleeper. The healing seems to take a bit longer than my left.

Once I get the damn new map, I should be back to a bubbly happy camper. :-)
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