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Update & Ear infection

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
Whew...its been awhile since I last came online. Our computer hit the skids a few weeks was the hard drive. We have the people at a certain electronics store fixing it, we were told we would have it back in 2kws. So Jim went out and bought another computer....WHEW...I was having withdrawal.
March 3rd was Thomas surgery. All went well. He didnt bother with his bandages or his little steri strips. Dr. M took them off last week and the incision looks fantastic. I am going to try to get a picture of it can barely see it!
March 4th was my Grandpa's wake. I was asked alot about Thomas and I thoroughly enjoyed talking about him, telling everyone how great he was doing and to some people I went into thorough explanation of a cohclear implant and how it works and what it has done for Thomas so far! Wednesday was the funeral and Thomas had to come with me...I was planning on leaving him home with Jim but Jim got called into work (we had an ice storm Tues. night and than a snow storm right after) so he had to go in. Jonathan was off of school so the day off for the funeral didnt count against him. Everyone was amazed at how well Thomas was doing just 2 days post-op. I never thought that I would be preaching the greatness of a CI at a funeral but if people ask...I explain!!! Having Thomas there on wednesday was a great visual to back up my explanations the night before.
The past week has been less than hectic. Thomas and I met up with a friend of mine and her little girl who is 2mths older than Thomas. We went up to the mall and the kids got to play for a little bit and we walked around and window shopped. I definitly want to get together alot more with them in the future. My friends daughter has such an amazing vocabulary....she is so articulate and adorable...I know Thomas will learn alot from her.
Today Jonathan started complaining about a sore throat. Not really bad...just sore. I thought I would make a dr. app. for both of them since Easter is right around the corner and I dont want them to be sick for the holiday. So, we go in and the dr. tells me that Jonathan's throat is red but since he is a bit hoarse he doesnt think he has strep. But, he will take the sample anyway. He takes it to the lab and comes back to check Thomas out. Right ear...fine. Left(newly implanted)ear....INFECTED!!!! Dr. leaves, comes back with the results ...Jonathan has STREP!!! So no school for Jonathan tomorrow...he has to be on meds for 24hrs before he can go back. He is so upset about missing school! lol I will go up there to pick up his work that he will miss~ I dont want him to be too far behind when he goes back.
On a side note....I have lost all of my favorites. I had a load of other blogs on my favorites so it will take me some time to go back and find them!!!
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