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Unexpected chat

Posted Jun 21 2012 5:27pm
Am I the only person who gets excited when I happen upon a situation and think "Ooh! I can blog about that!"

We were sitting in the orthodontist's office yesterday and my boys were playing with the train set in the waiting room. (Yes, my seven year old is already wearing an appliance. Braces coming soon.) I saw a Mom and her teenage son looking at Peas' processors and trying to figure out what they were. Of course, I jumped in to explain. He failed the newborn hearing screen, was born profoundly deaf, hearing aids didn't work, cochlear implants send sound to the auditory nerve, he had lots of therapy, he is going to kindergarten. My usual "stranger" speech.

We got to talking and I found out that this sweet Mom is a nurse in the obstetric unit of a local hospital. She performs newborn hearing screens EVERY SINGLE DAY. I gasped aloud and made a conscious decision not to ambush this poor woman! We did talk about the "it's probably just fluid" comment and she listened intently. She also listened in amazement to Peas' perfect speech. Then she said
"I can't wait to tell all the other nurses the story about your boy. I will always think of him when I do screens from now on."

Nothing better than that.
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