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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:08pm

I’m too upset to go into much detail here, but I just got a letter from Aetna threatening to cancel my policy retroactively.  They suddenly decided that I either lied or omitted information on my application when I first applied for insurance in Dec. 2007.  They requested all my medical records and asked me 8 questions, 7 of which are so vague, I can’t answer any of them.  I have to reply within 10 business days.

Of course, we get this on a Saturday so there’s no answer at the phone number given.  Even so, they probably won’t talk to Dave and I can’t hear on the telephone.  There’s no TTY number given.

I have NO IDEA what to do.  I have heard horror stories about policies being cancelled for totally minor, unrelated things the insurance company decided were omitted from an application.  My surgery, all the doctor appointments, tests, etc. involved cost around $300,000 in total.  If my insurance is cancelled retroactively, I can’t pay those bills back.  As it is, I have over $10,000 out of pocket that I’m paying right now and that is killing us.

All I can say is…if they didn’t want to pay for my CI surgery, why did they approve it?  Yes, it’s horrible timing that I switched to Aetna in January and went suddenly deaf in April, but it wasn’t a pre-existing condition and I had no idea I was going to lose my hearing!  I wish they would’ve just denied the surgery rather than paying and now making me go through this hell.  The questions they are asking are so vague that there’s no way to properly answer them…and I’m sure they do it that way so they can say I lied or omitted information when I respond.

This is a nightmare.  That’s about all I can say.

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