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Ugh. Bad weekend.

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Aside from going meeting a friend and getting used to a noisy environment, I had a slightly lousy weekend.

First - Our wireless router decided to die on us. Roy and I got it for free when Roy ordered the DSL (at that time...we now have Cable Modem). So, I can't haul my laptop in the living room anymore. Ew. It's uncomfortable to sit down on my ass and type. We have no desks.

Secondly - I had a extra battery holder that was in my keychain that was empty, (I sort of blame Roy because I *told* him to put in new batteries when he changed my batteries...yes he likes to change my batteries), and on Sunday night, I was going to put fresh ones in...the battery holder wasn't there. Where the hell did it go? I have 6 altogether, now I have 5. *pouts* It's $58 for a package of 2, while I didn't not pay for it at all, but still. I can't believe I lost one ALREADY....dangabit.

Thirdly - My iBook G4 decided to misbehave. Screen going black, computer shutting down and unable to power up, etc. I went to the Apple store, and did a full diagnostic test...all normal. Finally, this morning it went black again. I went back to the Apple store, and the back light was on again. I was getting slightly pissed. Finally, after talking to the Apple Genius for a little while, the screen went black again in front of them. FINALLY, they know my problem. Bad logic board. Apparently I got a bad batch of iBook with bad logic boards. I'm surprised it lasted *this* long (almost 3 years). So, to get it repaired would cost me $300. No way Jose! I found out online how to fix it for less than a buck. I'm gonna do that. Stupid me for not getting Apple Care. Roy is going to talk to Apple and see if there's a way they can fix it as it's a manufacture problem and they knew that, so it shouldn't be my fault. Kind of like a car with faulty horn, or faulty air bag. My computer is fine so far, and I'll put up with it until it dies on me.

Thirdly - which I think is the worse. *sobs* I lost my iPod! *sobs* I know I had it with me on Friday night because I remember listening to my Relaxation playlist (instrumental music). I'm *pretty* sure I had my iPod with me on Saturday night because I remember singing along to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire". But I'm not sure. :-( I had Apple Care for my iPod! It's the 1st generation Nano. My very first iPod. I took it off my stereo in my car...after that my mind went blank. :-( I can't listen to Harry Potter. I don't trust listening on my laptop anymore. If I *seriously* cannot find one, maybe I can convince my mom to give me an early birthday (err..VERY early) present, LOVE YA MOM!, and get iPod Touch or another iPod Nano 3rd generation. I really like the iPod Touch, but I do not really carry it everywhere with me, I just leave it in my car. I don't know if it's really worth trying to get iPod Touch due to all the extra features....I do like the YouTube feature, as I'm finding myself checking out many videos and music videos. So...hmm. 16gb is nice to fit my entire music library and small amount of my photos. 32gb is even better...but too steep.

So, yeah...I hate Mondays. Regardless, I had my Chai tea today, so I'm feeling great....but I still miss my ipod. *pouts*

CI worthy - My CI still slips off here and then. So, I put on my old ear mold, works great. No more falling off, no more holding it while getting up from the bowl, no more having it knocked out by accident or hugs. I probably will adjust the earmold to a much smaller size since I don't really "need" it, I just need it to hold the CI in place.
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