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Tuesday Worries

Posted Jul 22 2008 8:21pm
My deaf boy is sleeping soundly while men 8 feet above him are tearing off shingles and pounding hard enough to send vibrations throughout the entire apartment. He’s a sleepy boy today due to a long night of restlessness and tummy upset. I should be sleeping too, but I can’t turn down a little time to myself (and time to research online).

I’m looking for a referral from his developmental specialist to see an allergist. Ethan slept so poorly last night because I allowed him to have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday. I have not allowed any dairy in his diet for months as he has had numerous digestive reactions to cow’s milk. I don’t know what got into me, other than the desire to see him enjoy food and eating for once. He also has similar reactions to wheat, almonds, and soy. It’s amazing to me that G.I. specialists at Children’s have never seemed interested in this information, but then I’ve been unimpressed with them from the get-go. There was a time when I thought that someone with such a title at one of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in the country has to be good, but that assumption is easily put to the test and dismissed when it’s your child undergoing the testing and treatment.

Two weeks ago Ethan was stung by what we assume must have been a bee. None of us saw it happen, but he was playing in the yard and all of a sudden didn’t want his left foot on the ground. Then he wanted to be picked up, which is never a good sign. Grandma carried him into the house and Rich and I were immediately alarmed; he was slumped over her shoulder with his eyes closed. To most people this would look like a sweet little scene, but to the parents of a toddler who simply NEVER stops moving, much less lay his head down on a shoulder and close his eyes, it was extremely scary.

He was very sweaty and we got him to open his eyes while sitting in front of the fan and putting cold compresses on his forehead and back. It all happened so fast and none of us were quite sure what had actually happened, or I think I would have been on the phone with 911. Luckily he recovered fairly quickly, but he was basically passing out and his respirations seemed to slow temporarily.

We have an EpiPen for him now and I get nauseated just thinking about having to use it. But that’s much better than the alternative.

I guess the time really is here to get serious about the gluten-free casein-free diet. There is nothing preventing it now that we live within minutes of some of the most diverse shopping I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve ever tried this diet and have any experience or advice to share, I’d love to hear it. If you’re not comfortable commenting then just send an email:
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