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Treatment For Partial Hearing Loss In A 2 Year Old Induced Due To Antibiotics Administered Afterbirth

Posted by vbroutray

This cousin of mine,almost 2 years old now, fell ill immediatelyfollowing his week of birth and the medicos administered a dose of antibiotics but they also remarked that there may be a side effect. But now, we have realized that its a partial hearing loss. He can't hear conversations or anything told to him or even a dialogue on TV. The only thing he possibly recognizes is the beat of music tracks,possibly because of the changing pitch and variety of instruments. His hearing loss applies to both ears. Docs said you could either use a hearing aid or go for a surgery that will probably result in a cochlear transplant. But the standard of audiology research here in India seems to be hardly promising and the docs were't that confident. Will anybody suggest a possible remedy with some promise?
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