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treatment for diplacusis

Posted by music613

I have chronic diplacusis wherein pitch perception in my left ear will gradually deteriorate until there is a whole tone difference between the two - that is, the concert pitch "D" (any octave) will be heard as "C" by the left ear. The resultant pitch distortion produces a kind of ring-modulation wherein one hears not only the real and the "artificial" tone, but also the sum and difference frequencies between them - resulting in the "mechanical" or "tinny" tonal effect (other than the pitch alteration itself). The only thing that seems to work are short term doses of medrol or prednisone in diminishing amounts (i.e. 30-25-20-15-10-5 as in routine treatment for an asthma crisis). Clearly, long term use of steroids is not a good idea - but it's the only thing that works. Unfortunately, this method provides perhaps 4 or 5 weeks of relief before the cycle begins anew. Nasal rinses (i.e. NeilMed) have proven useless.
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