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Too Loud For My Ears

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:25pm
Drew is hearing quite well these days, and immersed in all of the daily activities around our house.

As we were playing yesterday afternoon, Drew and his sister decided to create a band for our "listening pleasure." Drew assigned himself the drummer, while Drew's Sister was left to choose from the variety of other instruments. She finally settled on the saxophone, but continued to whine about Drew playing the drum. She would have preferred him to select a different instrument.

As Drew continued to drum, the whining from his sister grew louder, and more annoying, as time went on. "That's too loud for my ears, Drew! Whaaaaa!" She continued whining, throwing her hands over her ears in typical dramatic fashion, while continuing to tell Drew that his drumming was just too loud for her ears.

Drew's Dad and I, while largely trying to ignore the situation, finally had our attention drawn to the band playing and whining, when we noticed a sincere act of kindness. Drew, with his natural, loving nature, decided to stop playing the drum, and gave the drum sticks to his sister. It was so kind, and a sincere act of sharing, or so it seemed. As soon as Drew's Sister began to bang the drum, Drew, while throwing his hands over his ears, screamed, "That's too loud for my ears! That's too loud for my ears! Ahhhh!"

It was a total set up. He repeated word for word what she had been saying over and over to him. Such a sweet little boy, with a devilish streak. Can't wait to see what he pulls next.
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