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To all the people that wear Hearing Aids...

Posted Jan 22 2010 7:11pm
I was thinking I wish HEARING AIDS where like Cochlear Implants in a way because wit a CI you dont have earmolds you just put it behind your ear and "YOU CAN HEAR". Thats one of the reasons why I like them. My earmolds were expensive when I purchased my aids 4 months ago.I had to switch them a few times. They are constantly itchy im assuming its because of the ear molds. I dont have itchy ears when the aids are out. Its only when earmolds are in. I have no choice but to wear the aids because I have to hear whats going on. I tried different sets of earmolds but its getting costly. Ear molds arent covered and they are $200.00 NONREFUNDABLE!!! So how many pairs am I going to go through....

What do you think?? Dont you wish that hearing aids where like CI'S. I deafinitely do... but its too late to go that route maybe oneday something like that will be available for us.

If not then I'll consider the CI later on at this time I cant get it if I wanted to because of my illness. Thats why I ended up aids to avoid surgery. Luckily I can hear well with the aids.Its not 100%, but its something. I cant live without them at this point.

For the constant itchy ears I used DERM OTIC which must be perscribed by an ENT. I use it helps somewhat but not 50%.

Whats your opinion about this???

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