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Tinnitus treatment - Is there a Cure for Tinnitus?

Posted Apr 14 2011 6:27am
Currently, there is no “cure” for tinnitus. That means that there is no treatment that is universally effective in eliminating tinnitus in everyone. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t tinnitus treatment available for those suffering from tinnitus. There is hope and with the Tinnitus research and innovation of the doctors at it is available to all sufferers around the world.
If There is No Cure, What Can be Done?
There are methods of tinnitus treatment to reduce the loudness of the tinnitus. When treating tinnitus there are two aspects to the treatment. 1. Treating the tinnitus sound, 2. Treating the other problems that worsen the tinnitus. These problems include, stress, anxiety, and depression that make the tinnitus louder. Tinnitus cannot be treated unless associated anxiety, stress, and depression are also treated. 
What type of treatment is available for tinnitus?
The best type of treatment for tinnitus is sound therapy. Sound therapy works by stimulating the areas of the brain that cause tinnitus. This stimulation causes the tinnitus to become quieter. This quieting of tinnitus is called tinnitus suppression. The sounds used for tinnitus are those that are closest to the tinnitus pitch. These are the same pitches where hearing has been lost.
The current tinnitus therapy systems available are those that are sold as part of hearing aids (e.g., the Zen Program) or the Neuromonics device. While these programs are effective, they are very expensive – between $3000 and $6000.
Several years of research by the doctors who developed has found a way where customized sound therapy can be delivered to the users around the world using the power of the internet. In addition to this customized sound therapy, the tinnitus sufferer can use their own music and mix it with their sound therapy sound via the web to create music therapy files. This way the tinnitus sufferer can listen to their favorite music while the sound therapy is working in the background to quiet down the tinnitus.
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