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Time for a New Map!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I had a new map session yesterday. Someone who reads my blog, you know who you are, came to observe my mapping session and physically see someone with a CI and do all the touchy feely. I will not use real names for privacy reasons, except for Roy. LOL! She has her own evaluation appointment for Thursday to see if she qualifies. She wants to see someone who has a success story, and see the implant on a person, and feel the head, and ask questions and stuff instead of going in the evaluation appointment, and not knowing exactly how it "looks" and "feels". She only has one friend with a CI, and that friend says "50/50 success", so not exactly a good resource. I have about 10 friends with CIs. I already knew about CI stuff, and how it looked by my friends. So, that was cool.

I did another audiogram yesterday. in the 125 hz, I dropped to 20db, and a couple other areas are at the 20db line. I told the audiologist, "Aw man! I'm becoming more deaf. I want to hear on the 10db line. " All the others are at the 10db/15db line, nothing below the 20db. She laughed and said, "You have normal hearing, it's good enough!" But still...

I also had my very first sentence discrimination today. 22% 22-stinking-percent. Then I realized, wait a min...when I had my two evaluation appointments, it was 0% to 6%, and the fact that it only has been a month since I was yeah, that's pretty damn good. I was able to pick up a few words clearly "girl, boy, they, train", but not full sentences. I'm one happy camper. The only full sentence, that I can remember, that I got 100% correct is, "They had a good time today."

I also got a new map as well. My DR is still the same at 30, for now. Things are still slightly "too loud", but as my brain adjusts to it, it will sound a bit quieter, then I can increase the DR.
P1 - ADRO for everyday situation
P2 - Autosensitivty - for certain situations (I had ADRO added to this in the previous map, but it just sounded a bit weird, and sounds were Loud, soft, loud soft, so it was just weird overall).
P3 - Focus (Beam, ADRO, autosens.) - same as last this program!
P4 - Music program - right now it's not too bad, it sounds different, but I like it. I have to get used to this one. I had "Silent Night" on this one, but turns out that I stopped using it, and I would just turn down the sensitivity at night time, and it does the trick. So, I didn't need Silent Night anymore.

Next appointment: 10 weeks! I was told that I have to wait a longer time to allow my brain to adjust to the new program without changing it all the time. She also increased the lower range sounds, so things are already sounding a bit better. We'll see how it goes!

Reading now: Ramona Quimby, Age 8. I highly recommend this book because the speaker says "Ramona", "school", "Quimby", "Beezus", "Mrs. Whaley", and many others, quite often. I can easily just read a sentence ahead of time and know exactly what she's saying. The speaker does have the habit of speaking a little too fast or making saying a sentence or two in one breath. PLUS - now, this is interesting - I can HEAR her breathe IN and OUT when she's saying the sentences. Now, that's some freaky Borg stuff. Kind of like listening to Darth Vader reading a story. :-)

After this one, I'll finish up Harry Potter, then transfer all the audiobook CD for "5th Horseman" on my iPod, and listen to it on my own time since I own the book. I got the audiobooks and Ramona book from the library.

I really want to listen to "Wizard's First Rule" audio book. :-)

Personal Life note: cleaning up iTunes can be a PIA!! Seriously. I don't know why didn't I try to clean it up before. I think because I don't have Cover Art scrolling on my iPod, so it didn't matter to me about Cover Art. However, with the spanking new iPod, and a whole lotta space, the cover art albums and songs don't match, and I have to find the correct Cover Art off Apple site/ or Amazon. It's just a pain in my magnetic head. I've been working on this for about 2 or 3 days, and I'm up on the "M"s. The Greatest Hits albums were a HUGE mess...because singers have the SAME title albums, so the songs are going in the wrong album. What a pain. It's all fixed now by just having me add the Artist name in front of "Greatest Hits", so it would be like "Heart: Greatest Hits". Having my laptop screen give me problems didn't help matters.

Anyhoo, on to real life now. Maybe Hobbes will stop pooping today (he did it like 3 times if you know my little tibit story...*hee hee*).
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