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This Writer has a Writer's Block...or Thinker's Block...

Posted May 06 2009 1:32pm
Okay, I'm dealing with 2 different things for 2 different ministries this week.

I FINALLY got the flash drive stick from the secretary of one of the 2 ministries ....and find out....that a couple meeting notes I *desperately need so badly I'll die if I don't get it now* on Office 2007, not on my old crusty 2003.


SO...that means I have to sneak it to work, and perhaps during break time, stick it in my computer there and pull up those 2 very top priority meeting notes and print 'em off, convert them into 2003 and send it on home....

.............home safe.....

*sipping a glass of coca-cola*

THENNNNNNNNNNN...... I need to write up a draft of a series of scripts for Deaf Cafe. Oh boy. Why did the week have to fly by so fast? Hm?

Normally I can come up with great ideas. Actually, I'm full of 'em but it's hard for me to get them all out on paper (or...monitor, really) mind just overflows to the point it becomes so jumbled up, and I can't remember some of the bright ideas I had to begin with!

So......Wizard of Oz theme. C'mon, inspire me! We certainly do not want to put the movie length kind of show into our cutesy wutesy 2 hour program. Oh lordy Lord...

What do you think---I plan to break it up in 4 or 6 parts---find something important from the book/movie and turn it into Deaf Cafe style.

At least we have a list of songs we want to check out---so that's one good thing.

And time is running out. So much to do in such so little time.
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