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There's just nooooooooo high calorie foods....!

Posted Mar 04 2009 3:12pm 1 Comment
In this day and age, most people are trying to diet and therefore theres lot of healthy foods in shops etc...
So for someone like me who needs high calorie foods to help put on weight, I can't find the things that dieticans tell me to eat with high calorie things in such as certain yogurts. My dietican told us of a yougurt thats packed with calories but they don't have them in shops anymore because so many people are trying to lose weight, that there's only low fat things!
So I stick to eating crisps, chocolate and cakes!! ( yes I know you're probably all jealous now!) but sometimes craming all the junk food makes me bloated! I do also eat healthy stuff like fruits and low fat yogurts as well as the high calorie ones!
You just cant win!
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High Calorie Foods

High calorie foods for healthy eating.

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