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Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
I thought I would share a few pictures...
1)Thomas' equipment
2) Thomas' magnet (coil)
3) Jonathan and Thomas in their matching shirts
4) This is the sad look he gives after he gets told "NO"...he wont cry...just gives us this sad little face!

Today was our first therapy appointment with Lindsay since Thomas has been activated. She reminded me that this will be the worse he hears from his CI.....the programming is incomplete and the volume is set very low. WIth that being said Lindsay said that Thomas is definitly on his way!

She also told me that all our hard work and dedication in teh earlier months are really going to pay off. I had my doubts that THomas could hear from his CI at all but Lindsay assured me that he does....not alot but you can tell that he is turning to quieter sounds that he hadnt turned to before.

I also told her that when I ask Thomas "where is Jonathan" he will look around the room until he sees Jonathan than gives a big smile, points and crawls like crazy towards him. THomas will do the same thing when I ask him where is the "meow Meow" (our word for cat). Poor cats....they dread when he hear him squealing and heading right for them. We do patty cake, twinkle twinkle (which he doesnt care for) and now Lindsay has given us a sheet of paper with new sounds to introduce to him. I dont have the paper in front of me but when I do I will explain it further. A quick explanation...... we have a tiny train....we call it "Choo Choo". We keep saying "choo choo" and he will eventually try to say it (he tried a few times in therapy today) and we want him to get to the point that when we say choo choo he will look for the train. I believe we also will be working on bubbles and pop pop pop. I will update later when we get started on those sounds.

On another note...I was in different stores today and I am getting used to the stares. There was one particular lady though that really got under my skin. I was looking at the sun screens and she passed us once. than again, again and again. Each time she would stop and stare at Thomas. I finally had enough ( all she had to do was ask what the thing sticking to his head was) and I started following her. It was only for about a minute but I followed her all through the make up aisles. I didnt look at one thing...just kept staring at her. I finally passed her and said "all you had to do was ask".

We were at Babies R Us and I went into the mothers room to feed Thomas. There was another mother in there feeding her newborn. She was also on the phone but when she got off she asked me if that was a cochlear implant that my son had. I told her yes it was. and she told me that a friend of hers has a 3.5yr old that is going to get implanted next week. I guess the little girl was born before the newborn hearing screening was mandated so she slipped by until recently when they finally noticed she wasnt talking. This is the 2nd time in 3 days that I have been approached by people who have a child with a CI in their life. The cashier at wal mart kept saying "poor baby, poor little baby" after she asked me what that was on his head. I told her that she shouldnt feel sorry for him. He has been blessed and that we did not see this as a bad thing that happened. Of course, I would have much rather him been hearing but with the help of the CI he will be hearing, just not all the time!

Thomas is doing great! I am still trying to get the magnet strength right....too loose and it falls off easily...too stroong and it makes an impression on his head and I dont want it to lead to infection.

We got back tomorrow (may 31st) for our 2nd mapping. We also turn to P4 tomorrow morning. I keep thinking of what Lindsay said today. This is the worst he will hear from his CI...its all uphill from here!

Jonathan has 4 more days of school. I promised him that this summer would not suck like last summer did (I was in my depression till about mid august) and we didnt do much at all. So this summer we are going to be out alot and enjoying the weather, outside and our family!
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