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The weekend

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Finally had a very exciting weekend!

On Thursday, I went to the Star Trek Convention and met Marina Sirtis and had a photo taken with her.

I approached her and said, "Hi! My name is Deanna!" she says, "Nice name, I play Deanna on TV!", I said, "That's why I watch the show!" She was just laughing. It was nice to see her, first time seeing a famous person...sorta. :-) She plays Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

On Sunday, I saw Kate Mulgrew, who is my favorite Star Trek character. I also got a professional photo taken with her as well. I approached her and said, "Hi, my name is Deanna." She said, "Hi Deanna, what a nice name!" Then I went to her side...without even looking at her, I heard her say, "How are you?", "Fine thank you." Another CI moment, I was able to hear her clearly.

After this, I met up with a former speech teacher, Donna Salvo. If you have seen "True Life: I'm Deaf", she's on there. :-) We talked for hours about various things including the show and CI stuff. She was just so happy and impressed on how much I can hear now. She has been my speech teacher for 4 years, but I've known her for 17. I talked to her about how I'm having trouble with the training therapy. I'll explain that later in this post. She gave me good suggestions. She said that I should contact UNLV and see if they have some sort of speech therapy program there, and I can work with the students to give them experience (as I'm pretty easy), and maybe trade in their work and I'll teach them sign language. I think all speech therapist/audiologists should at least know some sign language. It was great seeing Donna again (I am not quite used to calling my former teachers by their first names!). She got into her speech teacher mode by telling me how to say Mignon. I kept saying the g. It's MIN-Yon. lol.

Yesterday, I heard the ice cream truck!

Problems with Training - People have said to read audiobooks. So, I've tried three different audiobooks, but they all give me the same results. I can hear and follow the words without a problem. Yes, every once in a while I ignore the sentence and tried to listen, but cannot understand a word...maybe the common ones or character names. I also tried not to look at the book, but the speaker speaks too fast for me to really listen and try to understand.

I have tried looking at the ESL sites, but I cannot understand a single word. Seems like I have trouble with conversational sentences. If a script has been given to me, I simply can understand 100%.

I need a person to say a couple words with their mouth covered. Sentences with their mouth covered, then I may be better. I really like AB's auditory practices (Listening Room) on their site where they would say one word and we have to listen and click on the word that we think is being said. It also gives progress reports, which I would print out. But it stops at level 3. I'm already passed that. I love this type of thing. Cochlear has something like it, but it's $145!! And nothing on their site, except to refer to other sites. I may ask my audiologist to give me Sound and Beyond if she has it. I think Lisa gave me "Nucleus Here We Go!", which is really for professionals and it has workbooks for kids. So, I need Sound and Beyond.

I'm hoping that once I get my left remapped, it will get better. Right now, I feel unbalanced between the right and the left. When I had my right mapped a few weeks ago, it sounded balanced, I need that back! :-)

So, aside from slacking my training for a while, I'll get back to it by listening to Music. :-)
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