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The Tease...

Posted Dec 07 2010 2:17pm
So we have a little tease on our hands...Gage's incision keeps taunting us, pretending it's gonna heal, and just when you think you've got it in the'll ooze (shudder). Again this morning, it did the same thing, so I alerted our favorite doctor and nurse who wanted to see G man. While waiting for our name to be called, this happened....

"Excuse me, are those hearing aid those work well? We've been talking about doing one of those, do they screw in?"...
The conversation progressed, we talked about BAHAs and cochlear implants and her son's surgically enlarged ear canals due to his ongoing battle with Cholesteatoma  or benign tumors in his ears. We discussed being frequent patients of Dr. Woolley's for almost ten years for us, eleven for them. We seemed to relate to everything from surgery to sleepless nights to spur of the moment 2 hr trips to the ENT. I had told them why we were there and we continued chatting until her son's name was called.

She looked back at me and said, "Well, I hope you have a wasted trip." I smiled back and said, "Me too!" We both knew as parents that there's a lot of time to pray on that long drive in to see the doctor, and we know we've prayed more than once that he'd tell us our kids were just fine. I'd much rather have a wasted trip just so I can sleep at night, knowing my child is well.

Minutes later, another lady asked me the same thing...her child had Cholesteatoma too and they were looking into the BAHAs-bone anchored hearing aids (I'm assuming this is what she was talking about) Had a nice little chat with her as well, gave her a PEEPs card and told her I'd find her a BAHA family if she'd email me...

We were called back soon after, no one is surprised to see us. A very lengthy note was taken from the nurse about what I've seen thus far. The doc comes in, removes the dried ooze (shudder) and scab to find nothing was left to culture, no yucky stuff underneath, only a small hole in the top few layers of skin. He isn't even sure why it's taking so long to heal. The slow heaing isn't totally new. We've had some slow healers before but we're 7-8 weeks out now, I just wish this thing would completely heal and stop teasing us.

So for now, I have my at home care instructions, we are on watch, but I am gonna sleep tonight, knowing we've had it examined. Whether it turns out to be a starting point for more exams or whether the wound decides to go ahead and heal, we're at a good

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