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The one thing that people say about hearing loss that makes me angry

Posted Nov 18 2010 4:00am

I’m usually fairly relaxed about my hearing loss and people’s attitude towards it. It’s doesn’t bother me overly if someone decides to use a comically loud, slow and patronising voice if I ask them to repeat themselves – I just tell them they don’t need to do that. It doesn’t bother me if someone decides that repeating themselves is too much trouble – they probably aren’t worth listening too anyway.

But there’s one thing, a few little words, that make me want to spit blood, it’s probably said innocently but it’s irritating beyond belief. Brace yourself for this:

“Oh, he just hears what he wants to”

You really think I pick and choose what I want to hear? That I turn it on and off as I please? I wish I had that luxury. I really wish I had that choice. That’s like pointing to someone in a wheelchair and saying, “meh, she’s just a bit lazy, likes a sit down”.

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