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The Never Ending Roller-coaster Ride

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:14pm
We are home from Ethan's IEP meeting and it's all I can do to keep from making myself a tall stiff alcoholic beverage right now, and not because there is reason to celebrate.

The school district we're in feels that they can address all of Ethan's educational needs and so have declined our request to send him to the deaf school. We're pretty taken aback by their decision because there are 3 children in Ethan's class from our district and one of them is not even deaf (she's severely apraxic) and all 3 of them have a full ride paid for by the district. What a difference one person can make on an IEP team; the person who used to be in charge of those decisions has left the district and we got to break in the new guy today. I guess he felt that he had something to prove and our case was a good way to prove it.

I really don't want to wallow here, or anywhere, because that just isn't the way I roll, but damn it if I don't feel like the universe owes us a break! We uprooted our lives for this opportunity! What more are we supposed to do?

We'll continue to fight. We'll go through the process of appealing the decision and we'll get mediation and go to court over it if we have to. And Ethan will be be in good hands at his new school until we just can't fight it anymore.

But really, he deserves this and I just can't believe that we're going to fail at giving it to him.
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